Niall Cribben

Senior, Corporate Restructuring & Insolvency, FGS, Dublin

Job Senior, Corporate Restructuring & Insolvency
Employer FGS, Dublin
Education BA Business Management, Dublin Institute of Technology (2005)

I studied business at college as it offers a broad range of opportunities; business has multiple disciplines in which you can choose to specialise. After branching into accounting I decided to become an auditor and applied to FGS. I was impressed with the company’s credentials and felt that it complemented my personality and career objectives.

From my first day I was assigned to a senior accountant until I was fully trained, which was very reassuring. As an auditor I was responsible for examining company accounts, collecting and interpreting figures, identifying any problems or risks to the business, assessing the company’s financial reporting systems, establishing good working relationships with clients, and making recommendations for improvements.

As I progressed from junior to senior auditor, I had to learn to manage my time effectively. Sometimes longer hours were necessary, especially during the ‘busy season’ from January to March, but on the plus side I got to work with lots of people from very different backgrounds which kept the job interesting.

Finding the right balance between work and home life can be difficult at first, but it gets easier with time. One of the main advantages I found with the Audit and Advisory Department was working with different companies every week. You acquire a vast diversity of experience and exposure, and this range of experience has been invaluable in terms of career development.

Three months ago I left the Audit & Advisory Division and joined our Corporate Restructuring & Insolvency Department. Bringing myself up to speed on insolvency procedures and regulations as well as assignments that FGS were working on has been a steep learning curve. However the department has been incredibly supportive and I am now handling my own assignments with the support of the department managers.

Although I very much enjoyed the time I spent in our Audit & Advisory Division, I love the fact that I work across such a diverse range of industries. I have only been in the Insolvency Department for a few months, but I have already learnt a great deal and I am looking forward to progressing my career further in this growing area.