Stephen Jiang

iTunes Accountant, Apple, Cork

Job iTunes Accountant
Employer Apple, Cork
Education Bachelor of Business Studies (Honours), Cork Institute of Technology (2008)

I’ve had a mind for figures since a young age and was interested in business-related subjects at school. Once I realised that finance lies at the heart of every business I knew I’d found my niche.

I got my job through lots of hard work and a little luck! When I finished my degree I got a temporary job at an Apple call centre in Cork. During that time an opportunity arose for a short-term analyst position in Apple’s finance department. I got the job and then six months later was offered a permanent position within the Accounts Payable team. Thanks to a combination of my CIMA studies and the experience I gained in Accounts Payable, I was interviewed for and promoted to iTunes Accountant in November 2009.

My main responsibility is reconciling iTunes credit cards in Europe. I’m also responsible for account receivables and month-end procedures. My workload varies depending on what project I’m working on; the only constant is that I’m always busy. I’ll get in at 8.00 am and then I’ll check e-mails, and check my accounts and credit card reconciliations. Contrary to what people might assume I’m not desk-bound all day. I have plenty of meetings, with colleagues in the planning and logistics department, or conference calls with our European office in Luxembourg and the Apple HQ in California.

One of my proudest professional achievements so far has been passing all my Chartered Institute of Management Accountants exams first time. Apple sponsored me and gave me time off to study. I might not have been the single highest scorer, but I was the fastest to get CIMA qualified!

Advice for graduates

You might not always get the perfect job first time, so exploit every opportunity that comes your way.