Andrew Pitcher

Business Analyst, Citi

Degree sublject BBA Business Economics; Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Management and Planning, Francis Marion University, South Carolina (2009); Professional Certificate in People Management, Institute of Bankers, Dublin (2010); Diploma, Microsoft Office Specialist, Dublin Business School (2011)
Job title Business Analyst
Employer Citi, Dublin

When I returned to Ireland from the US it was tough to get a job. Although I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to do, I knew I wanted to work for a company that I could develop a career with.

I actually started out at Citi as an HR intern. This was clearly quite different to my educational background and leanings but I felt that it would be a good strategic move. And it paid off: spending time in HR gave me invaluable insights into the company from the inside. After three months as an intern I interviewed for my current – permanent – role, and got the job.

As a business analyst, I work with departments such as product, technology, compliance and operations in Dublin and other locations like London and New York. I also work closely with external vendors based in India and elsewhere. My role is to analyse the financial products we offer in Trade and Treasury, identifying areas we can enhance, alongside potential problem areas, providing solutions accordingly.

My work is all project based. Each project could last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months and involves re-engineering existing processes, implementing additional controls and automating manual tasks, ultimately helping to reduce costs and increase revenue. My ‘typical’ day may include correspondence via email, conference calls, internal meetings, plenty of analysis and number crunching on Excel, and drafting documents in PowerPoint. As every project differs from the next there is no set routine, but I like the unpredictability.

Job hunting tips

When looking for your first job in the finance sector, it doesn’t necessarily matter which role you start out in. I got my foot in the door at Citi because I recognised the opportunities they offered.

Andrew Pitcher was interviewed for gradireland Finance 2012