Dermot Macnamara

Corporate Finance Trainee, Deloitte

Degree subject Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS), University of Limerick (2007); Master of Accounting (MAcc), Michael Smurfit School of Business, UCD (2008)
Job title Corporate Finance Trainee
Employer Deloitte

As part of my undergraduate degree I did an internship in the Audit department of Deloitte and when I finished I was offered a training contract. At the time, I was also considering a career in banking, so I asked if I could be interviewed for a position in Corporate Finance as I felt the role would be a good mix of accountancy and finance. When they offered me a three-year training contract I was thrilled.

My company's main business is providing audit, tax, consultancy and corporate finance expertise and advice to clients. I am currently a trainee in Corporate Finance. My job is hugely varied, involving acquisition and vendor due diligence, writing reports to support stock exchange listings, pre-deal evaluation, business model reviews, and merger and acquisition integration.

Due to the nature of the work there is no set list of clients or typical workload and my hours can vary at times. If I am based at a client's office, my day will involve meeting with management, discussing the transaction and gathering necessary information. If I'm in the office, I will be working on analysing the data and compiling various sections of the final transaction report.

From an early stage I have worked alongside senior management both in Deloitte and with clients. I have worked on projects across various sectors – including manufacturing, construction, pharmaceutical and property. This has enabled me to develop an understanding of how different companies are run and how different sectors of the economy operate. There is a steep learning curve, but it's all fantastic experience.

Recently I worked on the receivership of a well-known brand. I dealt with all stakeholders in the business while also being involved in the day-to-day operational functions of the company. This project was particularly interesting as it provided valuable insight into how a large organisation operates.

Advice for graduates

There are many different areas to finance, so it is important to understand what’s involved in each, and what area you would be most suited to.

An internship can be a great way to differentiate yourself from your peers while also allowing you to sample a job you are interested in. At this early point in your career I’d advise choosing a job that will provide transferable experience and opportunities to develop your skills.

Dermot Macnamara was interviewed for gradireland Finance 2012.