Eimear Voyles

Building Services Engineer, Project Management Ltd

Degree subject Building Services Engineering
Job title Building Services Engineer

Employer Project Management Ltd

After doing general engineering courses in my first year of college, I became most interested in the building services aspect. I had an interest in architecture and was keen to work closely with architects, as I do now. My employer came to my college to do a presentation and I decided to apply to them. I started work there after graduating and now design heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems for various buildings.

Much of my work is desk-based but I also attend co-ordination meetings with architects, structural engineers, building contractors and clients, and make regular site visits.

As part of the graduate training scheme run by my employer, I am working towards a qualification with the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers. This involves reporting annually on my experiences and the skills I have developed. I have also been assigned a mentor, a chartered engineer, who I can ask for advice and see on a daily basis. Other training and continuing professional development opportunities have included training in 3D simulation and project planning.

Job-hunting tips

I'd advise students to apply for jobs early – definitely before graduating. And make sure that you follow up your application, so the employer is less likely to forget you.