Karl O'Keeffe

Engineer, Power System Studies, ESB International

Degree subject Electrical/Electronic Engineering

Job title Engineer, Power System Studies

Employer ESB International

I'm a member of a young Power Systems Studies team, examining, among other things, earthing studies, calculation of relay settings and transient and steady state phenomena on the power system. My job involves meeting people, regular travel, report writing, training and a lot of computer and field work.

There are no limits to the world of engineering and science. I knew that they would provide a versatile career… and good salary opportunities. Work experience in my third year gave me the opportunity to get some invaluable insight into what skills employers were seeking. I researched different companies and applied to the graduate programme here.

It's my first year with the group so I've been concentrating on learning the basic requirements and settling into the team. I've been working hard to develop my technical knowledge in power systems. In the future I hope to work toward IET chartership and consultancy level.

Engineering can lead you to a lifetime of new challenges and questions. Whatever you learn throughout your academic and professional life you will get to practise at some stage. The people you meet come from a huge range of backgrounds, countries and cultures, with a common interest – the language of engineering and science is universal. Also, careers in this sector allow you the flexibility to have a good work/life balance.