Marco Salino

Product Design Engineer, Earth-Wood

Degree subject Mechanical Engineering (2004)

Job title Product Design Engineer

Employer Earth-Wood

I decided to become a mechanical engineer because I have always wanted to understand the mechanics and logic of things. I knew the skills and expertise I'd learn would allow me to work in many different sectors. I got my current position through, using the job alert, and was offered the position the day after my interview.

My job involves designing the tooling required for manufacturing our products and customised production equipment. In addition I'm involved with research and development work aimed at improving the properties and quality of our finished product. As our company is still very small, I also look after quality, maintenance and production process optimisation. I have had the opportunity to gain experience in many different fields, both technical and general-business related.

There have been some big challenges for me in this job, especially as I had never worked in the manufacturing industry before. We successfully introduced and created a market in Europe for a new range of products, even though our team had very little experience in this area of expertise. Looking ahead, I'd like to build up experience in both industrial design and manufacturing, to be able to develop ideas from concept to the final product. Ultimately I would like to work as a consultant in these sectors.

Job-hunting tips

Keep your eyes on the job market. Try to understand where it is going and don't be afraid of entering a new field.