Dean Alford, Senior Analyst, CPA (Campion Insurance)

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So what was your path to your current job?

I went to DIT to study Accounting and Finance and then did a Masters in Strategic Management, also at DIT. After I graduated I applied for a marketing role with Campion, but following on from the interview, the Finance Director asked me to come on-board his finance team, so it was a great opportunity.

What skills do you need?

Attention to detail is critical, you’re preparing accounts for different stakeholders so you obviously need to make sure that the figures are correct. But you’re also dealing with people who aren’t used to accounting terminology so you need to be able to present facts and figures in a clear and logical manner.

Advice for students

Soft skills like time management are vital. When you’re studying for your CPA qualification you have to balance work and study, a full time job with a demanding amount of study and exams. Other skills include a good technical ability in terms of accounting and how it works.

What career pathways are open to you?

A CPA qualification is recognised and valued globally so you can take it with you anywhere and it can open doors. With this qualification you’re recognised as someone who is professional, ethical and responsible. I am hoping to move abroad and travel with the CPA qualification, perhaps to the US, so I can travel and work and not have to worry about doing more exams!

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