Engineer, manufacturing and production

Is responsible for the technical management, maintenance and development of new and existing production lines within a wide range of manufacturing companies.

Engineering is the application of science for the benefit of humankind; manufacturing/production engineering is the combined art and science of designing, developing and managing the manufacture of quality products.

Manufacturing/production engineers design and develop the process that makes a product. They are concerned with developing processes and systems that improve quality and productivity in the manufacture of a product, while meeting the highest requirements in health and safety.

Work activities

  • Inventing and designing the tools for the machines used in the manufacturing process and ensuring the parts work properly to produce quality products
  • Designing, developing and operating robotic systems in a variety of industries including the automotive and spacecraft sectors
  • Developing new models and processes to assist in areas including higher levels of production and analysing manufacturing systems
  • Conducting risk analysis and improvements to environmental and operational efficiencies
  • Developing and implementing quality management systems in manufacturing industries
  • Measuring the performance of materials and components
  • Establishing systems to plan and control the manufacture of products.