Marketing, advertising and PR careers for graduates: Marketing

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Marketing is about promoting the goods or services of an organisation and takes place in all areas of industry. There are opportunities for graduates within larger organisations, particularly in the food and drink sector. Jobs are open to graduates of any degree, though a qualification in marketing or communications may give you an advantage.

Some large organisations have a dedicated marketing stream as part of their graduate scheme, or you may be able to get a job with a smaller company in a marketing assistant role, where you will get on-the-job training to help you build the skills required. Speculative applications can be a good way in, particularly to smaller companies, but ensure you research the organisation well before sending your CV and covering letter.

Jobs are available in the marketing departments of large companies, or with agencies that serve a number of external clients. Job roles within marketing agencies include account managers, who are in contact with clients and will pass on their requirements to the other members of the team working on the project. They are responsible for formulating strategies and agreeing on timescales and budgets for delivery. Marketing assistants will help them with this. Marketing creatives will be involved in producing the copy or artwork for the campaign to the client requirements set out by the account manager. A marketing executive position is concerned with developing sales strategies, attracting new clients and evaluating the performance of campaigns.

Other related jobs include conference management, direct marketing, exhibition display design, market research, marketing management, media analysis and social research.

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