Neville Quinn, Assistant Trading Manager, Musgrave

Last updated: 25 Jan 2023, 13:37

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What does your job involve?

In a typical week we run reports and measure the performance against last year or the last promotional cycle and then identify lapsed customers and target new customers. We also look at new initiatives we could bring in to get a product from the supplier right the way onto the shelf.

What’s the most important trait?

Interpersonal and communication skills, as a lot of my time is spent interacting with stakeholders, be it the customer, supplier, supply chain or marketing. All would have different needs but share a common goal.

What path led you to your job?

My parents had two convenience stores so I had an interest and understanding of the retail industry. I was keen to speak to Musgrave at the gradireland fair, as they are an Irish company. That helped me make it onto the graduate programme.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned?

Time management. You’re dealing with many stakeholders, and to meet their expectations along with your own many deadlines, you need to learn how to prioritise your time. The graduate programme helps you learn what is and isn’t urgent.

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