Barry Kirwan, Area Manager, ALDI

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Barry Kirwan, Area Manager, ALDI Stores Ireland

What does your job involve?

I manage three stores in Ireland, normally visiting two of them on a daily basis. Some days I would be meeting with a store manager to review weekly sales, or the metrics for a previous month. Or else I might be interviewing for staff, or mentoring current staff.

What was your path to your job?

I studied marketing, innovation and technology in DCU and I wanted a job that focused on lots of different areas and that’s what this job with ALDI has to offer, where I’m covering absolutely all aspects of the business within my area. The fast paced environment within the company was very appealing to me.

What’s the most important trait?

As an area manager you need to be driven and have strong interpersonal and organisational skills. Once you finish your training you will have responsibility for an area with up to 100 staff. You need strong people skills and communication skills and need to be very adaptable, tailoring your responses to any given situation.

Do you have any advice for students?

It was important for me to speak to people within the company to get an insight into the company. I would advise students to talk to people within the company you want to work in to get some insight into what is involved.

What’s the best thing about your job?

The best thing is the variety, since I cover all different aspects I’m involved in all areas of the business. You get involved in helping the store perform, or helping people perform, it’s all very engaging, getting a project to where you want it to be.

What are your career pathways within ALDI?

I’m a member of senior management within ALDI but I want to keep progressing here and taking advantage of the various opportunities in order to bring myself to a higher level.

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