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I was aware of the Jameson Graduate Programme long
before my final year, I had heard of people who had been on
the graduate programme and what an amazing experience
they had. As I was specialising in Marketing and
Communications in my final year, I thought that this would
be the perfect opportunity for me to use what I had learnt in
the classroom and apply it to a real brand.

Fortunately, my language abilities give me some great opportunities with
Jameson as I am more flexible in terms of what markets I
can go to. This enables me to get a global view of the
strategies within Pernod Ricard and enhance my skills by
working in different markets as an Ambassador.

Firstly I had to complete an online application and also
include a video about myself. I really liked the aspect of the
video because it gave me the opportunity to get my
personality across which can sometimes be difficult on
paper. I was then invited to the first round assessment day
where I had to present in front of the other applicants and
the interviewers about a passion of mine. We also had to do
a group assessment, language assessments and finally an

In the second and final assessment day I had to give a
presentation on the topic of ‘innovation’ followed by another
group assessment and then three interviews with panels of
interviewers from Jameson’s International Team.
My daily work involves connecting and creating strong
relationships with key bars and influencers in my market
and educating and mentoring bar staff and consumers
about Jameson and the other whiskeys in our portfolio by
hosting whiskey masterclasses. As Jameson Brand
Ambassadors we work to develop the brand further by
organising events that spark our consumer’s interests, while
working alongside and supporting our Brand Teams.

Challenges and advice

One of the biggest challenges I have faced so far is that in
France, consumers have a preference for Scotch Whisky
because it is generally peated but also because it’s judged to
be a status symbol. By hosting consumer tastings and events
that appeal to our target market I have been able to present
Jameson as a smooth, flavoursome and easy to drink
whiskey which appeals to many people upon sampling .
Today, having additional languages opens up many doors
to work around the world. I would highly suggest learning a
second language; this can only benefit you in the future if
pursuing a career at home or abroad as employers will find
you more attractive because you are not confined to one

What is great about Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard is that it is
a global company which means that there are plenty of
opportunities for progression around the world but also at the
offices in Dublin. I have met many people who have progressed
within the company who started out as Jameson Brand
Ambassadors like me, for example Simon Fay who started out
as a Jameson Brand Ambassador in South Africa and is now our
International Marketing Director. This is very inspiring to see
and I certainly see myself staying with Irish Distillers Pernod
Ricard because the company is so dynamic and offers many
opportunities with different brands in other markets.

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