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You already know what’s next on the horizon, and your talented team needs to be at their very best to meet it head on. You want to organize something extraordinary to re-energized them and have them focused. But what? And you don’t have time anyway. You need an expert to make things happen.

We are Orangeworks. Creators of exceptional experiences. Experiences that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements and help realise the potential your operation has yet to tap into.

As Ireland’s largest outdoor adventure and team building company, we have a vast, innovative event portfolio that focuses on core business objectives like team development, enhanced leadership, motivation, decision-making, empowerment and innovative thinking.

And because our programmes infuse fun with challenging collaborative activities, participants improve their levels of motivation, cooperation, performance and productivity, through team-centric adventures that are truly unforgettable.

Orangeworks is part of a global revolution in team building, and a certified member of the Catalyst Global Network, a group comprising 32 members in more than 40 regions around the world. But it’s the collective experience of our own expert personnel that ensures we’ll find the right solution, whatever the criteria you throw at us.

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