Advanced Health & Assessment Practice for Healthcare Practitioners - Micro-Credential

Trinity College Dublin

Advanced Health & Assessment Practice for Healthcare Practitioners - Micro-Credential

Who should take this MC?
• Health and physical assessment is an important component of holistic care delivery. This MC is for healthcare professionals who are enthusiastic about professional development and adding to their repertoire of knowledge and skills for clinical practice.

• This micro-credential will be relevant to any healthcare professional in clinical practice wishing to develop competency and expand their knowledge in the application of advance health and physical assessment. This cohort includes nurses; midwives; paramedics and other allied healthcare professionals who require this module to allow for the expansion of their practice.

Why should I take this MC?
• Advanced health and assessment practice allows healthcare professionals to the develop the cognitive, affect and psychomotor domains associated with the delivery of advance health to patients. Participants of the course will learn the importance of history taking, systems for physical assessment and how the synthesis of these components will assist them with diagnostic reasoning.

• 10 ECTS credits, NFQ Level 9, 250 student Learning hours

• Category 1 NMBI Course Accredited (35 CEU points awarded)

• Undertaking the course in advance health and assessment practice will support the participants in developing the knowledge, skills and competence to contribute to the improving workflow of the patients journey by presenting and communicating the holistic patient assessment to other members of the healthcare team.

What will I learn?
You will learn to:
• Undertake a comprehensive health history.

• Perform a physical health assessment using a systematic approach

• Critically evaluate the synthesis of history taking and physical assessment to support clinical reasoning

• Identify through simulated patient information differential diagnosis to assist clinical decision making

• Identify your role in communication to healthcare team

What will I do?
• You will participate in lectures and discussions. Blended learning approach will be adopted to facilitate flexibility for the participants

• You will undertake health and physical assessment in face-to-face sessions

• You will apply and refine the practice of health and physical assessment in your area of practice.

• You will be expected to perform a complete health and physical assessment and assist with the formulation of the patients presenting problem to communicate to the healthcare team.

How is this MC delivered?
• Blended learning approach:

1. Direct Contact: In-person tutorials and problem-based learning related to health assessment in TCJ as well as online classes using Blackboard Collaborate platform.

2. Directed Learning and Self directed in the clinical setting to attain supervision of health and physical assessment

3. 3 In-person days will be expected during the 12-week period (These days will be set out on commencement of course)

4. Additional Online lectures including guest lectures from subject experts who will be available for students to access live or as pre-recorded sessions.

5. Online resources for directed learning will be available to students to facilitate flexibility for the learner and increase access

Entry requirements

Admission Requirements
• Hold a level 8 degree in a health care related programme

• Or satisfy the course committee that they have the ability to successfully complete the MC programme based on evidence of the following: Clinical experience working in healthcare in the acute or community setting relevant to their professional practice.

• Currently registered with the appropriate professional regulatory body, e.g., Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland or equivalent in country of domicile.

• Have a minimum of two years' post registration clinical experience, during the last five years and at least one-year full-time experience in the specific area of practice

Before Applying, Please Note the Following:

1. Submit your personal details on the application form.

2. Log in to the portal with your (new) login credentials.

3. Upload documents as required by the school for the micro-credential including a copy of your Curriculum Vitae.

Application dates

Closing Date: 30th June 2023


12 weeks

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