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Advanced Manufacturing Strategy


This new programme combines new technologies, data and improved ways of working to enhance your knowledge and skills associated with the concepts of digital transformation and the evolution of the smart factory in life science manufacturing.

This programme provides a broad scientific knowledge of the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, and the requirements to implement the concepts of Industry 4.0.

Students will also understand the concepts and techniques to identify, acquire, manage and analyse data as it relates to the digitalisation of manufacturing in these industries. This programme also outlines scientific, techniques to optimise performance, minimise risk and achieve compliance as well as research the optimum organisational structures to support competitive advantage.

With its unique online part-time delivery, this course is flexibly designed to suit the needs of those in employment. Classes are broadcast online, offering the learners the opportunity to join from home. Students are required to attend on-campus 2 Saturdays per month.

Designed and delivered by highly experienced academics and industry professionals, we have developed the course content focusing on the skills companies are looking for and to advance your career.

Accreditation: QQI Level 9 Certificate in Advanced Manufacturing Strategy (Life Science).

Collaborating College: Griffith College Dublin

Subjects taught

Students can access lectures online or at class two evenings a week with workshops taking place two Saturday's a month in Griffith College Dublin. (ECTS: 30 Credits)

Module 1: Advanced Manufacturing in the Smart Factory

Researches the concepts of the Smart Factory and investigates the evolution of life science manufacturing from a traditional reactive process to the emergence of Industry 4.0 and Pharma 4.0. It investigates how a truly smart factory can integrate data from system-wide physical, operational, maintenance, inventory tracking, digitisation of operations and other types of activities across the entire manufacturing network.

Module 2: Business Case Development

Investigates the concepts of business case development specifically as it relates to the life science industries. It explores the supply chain, real-time performance feedback, leveraging data, business model canvas and its elements as well as principles of project and portfolio management.

Module 3: Quality Management in a Digital Age

Explores the impact of advances in technology on the perception of quality and the implications on systems and processes. Today, with the huge availability of data, quality systems should look to use the advances in technology to better understand process performance, implement better control strategies and design quality into products and processes rather than an overreliance on end-of-line testing to determine batch disposition.

Module 4: Operational Excellence - Lean Sigma 4.0

Researches the origins of operational excellence, lean thinking, six sigma and industry 4.0, and explores how this integration of models can deliver the next advancements in process improvement.

Module 5: Business Strategy and Change Management

Examines the factors which are driving strategic change in the life science sector and the implications for the individuals and teams tasked with planning and leading that change. It also covers leadership styles, culture, innovation and performance.

Entry requirements

This course is suitable for those who possess qualifications at NFQ Level 8 Honours degree with a 2.2 or higher in a Science, Engineering or Quality discipline.


9 months

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This highly desired qualification will help you open the door to an exciting and successful career in the life sciences industry. This unique programme will prepare you for the change caused by advancements in technology.

Digital Transformation/ automation/ PAT deployment
Project/ Programme Management
Operations Roles - Managers, Supervisors, Process Engineers
Business intelligence/ Data Analysis
Process Business Improvement Specialists

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  • Qualifications

    Minor Certificate (Level 9 NFQ)

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    Full time,Daytime

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