Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning - Module

The module covers what is meant by learning from data and using patterns in data to learn from it as long as we have enough data from which to learn. The module will look at how to learn from data, using basic techniques and trialling them on data sets, and will look at algorithms to make machine learning better.

Award: University Certificate of Study

Subjects taught

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning CE6002

The module will cover the following areas

The learning problem: feasibility of learning, error, and noise
Theory of generalization: Effective number of hypotheses, VC bound, sample and model complexity, approximation-generalization trade-off, bias and variance
Linear classification and regression, logistic regression, gradient descent, and feature space transformations
Overfitting and regularisation
Validation and model selection, data snooping
Neural Networks: Perceptron’s, Multi-Layer Perceptron’s and the Back-Propagation training algorithm.
Optimal Margin Classifiers and Support Vector Machines.
Parametric vs. Non-Parametric classifiers.

Entry requirements

Applicants must have a minimum Level 8 honours degree, at minimum second class honours (NFQ or other internationally recognised equivalent), in a relevant engineering, computing, mathematics, science or technology discipline, or a Level 8 Honours degree in other disciplines, which has a significant mathematics and computing element

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7 weeks part-time.

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Next Intake: Spring 2024

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MSc in Artificial Intelligence

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