Corporate Governance

Programme Overview
With Corporate Governance issues becoming more and more important across all areas of business, this diploma will impart the technical competence necessary to carry out the varied tasks required of senior executives in governance positions and current and prospective company directors.

This programme offers an in-depth knowledge of corporate governance and a sound knowledge and understanding of the legal and regulatory framework relevant to directors and board members. Furthermore, participants will acquire an understanding of the technical competence necessary to carry out the varied tasks required of company directors.

Who it is for?
•Company directors or prospective company directors looking to expand their knowledge of governance;
•Senior managers operating at board level;
•Middle managers being groomed for board positions;
•Public sector managers with governance responsibilities;
•Experienced business people expecting to hold non-executive board positions.

Programme Benefits
Upon completion of this programme, the participant will:
•Appreciate corporate governance in an overall business context, including origins, definitions, and mechanisms;
•Actively participate in current debates on challenges and developments in corporate governance, including analysis of real-life case studies;
•Compare and contrast alternative corporate governance approaches internationally;
•Work with like-minded peers, sharing insight and experiences combined with guest lectures from highly regarded senior level managers and practitioners.

Programme Structure
This programme is delivered over one year and takes place over two 12-week semesters: September–December and January–May. The workshops are held two evenings per week (generally Mondays and Tuesdays) from 4.30pm to 7.30pm. In addition, two weekend workshops will be organised externally, one per semester. 100% attendance is required.

Entry requirements

This programme is suitable for middle or senior managers who currently occupy, or are being groomed for, board memberships, or who carry governance-related positions of responsibility. It is also suitable for executives in organisations who do not have a legal board, but have equivalent governance arrangements. Participants should hold a primary degree or equivalent professional qualification. Consideration will be given to applicants who do not hold a primary degree but their depth of industry and organisational experience qualifies them as suitable participants.

Assessment Info

Assessments and Workload
Participants are required to complete two 2-hour open book examinations at the end of semester 1 and semester 2. Continuous assessment assignments are completed during each semester and where these are for-credit, marks awarded count towards the final examination. The majority of continuous assessment assignments are completed in pre-assigned work groups. Participants can earn between 10% and 30% of marks through continuous assessment with the remaining marks coming from the 2-hour open book written examinations.

Subjects taught

Course 1: Overview of Corporate Governance
Course 2: Regulatory Framework I
Course 3: Regulatory Framework II
Course 4: Directors' Responsibilities
Course 5: Role of Company Boards
Course 6: Selection of Non-Executive Directors/Behavioural Aspects of Boards
Course 7: Executive Remuneration and Incentives
Course 8: The Annual Report/The Annual Financial Statements
Course 9: Role, Function and Responsibilities of Audit Committees
Course 10: Risk Management and the Role of the Director
Course 11: Business Strategy
Course 12: Improving Business Performance




This is a part-time programme which takes place over one year in two x twelve-week semesters.

Course sessions are held two evenings per week (Mondays and Tuesdays) from 4.30pm to 7.30pm. However, the programme will commence on Monday September 2nd and Wednesday September 4th for Week 1 and will revert back to Monday and Tuesday evenings from Week 2 onwards.

Enrolment dates

Next Intake: September 2020

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