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Program Overview
The MSc Digital Marketing is designed to help you develop an advanced understanding of the fundamental concepts underpinning digital marketing and selling.

As well as acquiring the practical skills needed to implement and manage effective digital marketing strategies, you will also develop critical specialist knowledge through the research and development of your Business Innovation Project. The program has been developed in partnership with the University of Salford.

Through our academic accreditation, this process validates an educational pedagogy in the program – with structured learning outcomes, and fit-for-purpose content and assessment criteria.

This supports our industry validation process through our Industry Advisory Council which counts industry experts from global digital brands including Google, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, amongst its membership.

This Masters qualification will strengthen your status as an in-demand, influential digital specialist. On completion of the program, you will be able to apply your digital expertise to navigate any challenge in your career.

Who should apply?
The MSc Digital Marketing is ideal for experienced marketing and business professionals who want to validate their expertise with a Masters degree. The specialist level of knowledge you develop will place you among the top digital marketing professionals in the industry.

Get equipped with the skills you need to advance your career and establish you as an authority in the digital field.

What can you expect?
Through specialist on-demand digital marketing content, dynamic lectures, practical exercises, resources and instructional tutorials you will gain exposure to the latest techniques and tools for improving your digital marketing and brand building efforts.

Our on-demand e-learning platform will provide you with easy access to all of your program materials, whenever you need them, including High-Definition video lectures, downloadable lecture slides, and learning resources.

You will also receive the guidance of both a digital industry expert and academic supervisor to assist you with the writing of your thesis in stage 2 of the program.

What will you learn?

• Stage one consists of 90 hours of specialist digital content and the completion of six assignments.

• Stage two is the research phase and consists of a series of structured webinars and 1-1 supervision to support the completion of your Thesis.

Entry requirements

Admission Requirements
Bachelor's degree in business or marketing plus a minimum of 1 year digital marketing experience


Bachelor's degree in any discipline plus a minimum of 2 years digital marketing experience

Where an applicant does not meet the normal entry qualification requirement, they may still be considered for entry if they can demonstrate significant digital marketing work experience (minimum 4 years) and an acceptable level of responsibility.

If English is not your first language, you may be required to show a proficiency in English. An IELTS (Academic) level 6.5 or equivalent is the minimum requirement.

Please note these are minimum requirements and are not an automatic entry to the Program. Admission is at the discretion of the Digital Marketing institute & the University of Salford.

Assessment Info

How will you be assessed?

All assessments are completed on an individual basis. The taught stage consists of six assignment submissions. The first two will be based on an organization of your choosing where you will conduct research on that organization's customers and then develop a digital marketing strategy for that organization. These are both 5,000 word assignments and the others are approximately 3,000 words each and can include tasks like secondary research, creating a blog post etc.

The final assessment stage is the Business Innovation Project the outcome of which is the 15,000 word thesis.

Subjects taught

MSc. Digital Marketing Stage 1: Taught Stage
The taught content consists of 8 key subject areas, and provides you with essential knowledge and skills in the following areas;

• Communications and Consumer: including business strategy considerations, C-Level analysis and reporting.

• Social Media Marketing: including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Social Video.

• Search Marketing: including SEO, PPC and Analytics.

• eCommerce and Email: including sales tactics, email data management and growth.

• Mobile Marketing: including Mobile Apps & Games Mobile, Messaging and Mobile Advertising.

• Strategy & Planning: including Internet of Things, data visualizations and benchmarking.

• Marketing & Services Management: including strategic marketing management, relationship marketing and the role of branding.

• Digital Innovation: including digital business applications and innovative business technologies.

MSc. Digital Marketing Stage 2: Research Stage
Developed in partnership with the University of Salford, the second stage of the Masters program focuses on the development of your Business Innovation Project.

Flexible, individual and fulfilling, this is your chance to bring your resume to life applying your expertise and proving your worth. This stage is structured to allow you to research and explore your chosen digital area of focus and refine your analytical skills. You will spend time honing your research and thesis writing skills through a series of webinars. These webinars will consist of practical guidance to help you undertake primary research, interpret results and present your findings.

The Masters thesis is a carefully argued scholarly paper. Written under the guidance of a Masters' academic supervisor with input from an industry expert, you will present an original argument that is supported by primary and secondary research sources. Your Business Innovation Project will have a substantial research component and a focus that falls within a specific topic in digital marketing. As the core element of the Masters program, this project gives you an opportunity to demonstrate expertise in one specialized area of digital and to choose an interest to match your career aspirations.


2 years, part-time, online.

How long will the program take?
The duration of the program is flexible and is typically completed in 2 years on a parttime basis. The taught stage is approximately 14 months and the research stage 10 months. There is an opportunity to take short breaks between different modules and stages.



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