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Institute of Technology Carlow encourages academic excellence with a range of Postgraduate Research Fellowships which are offered annually to recent, appropriately qualified graduates. The Fellowship Programme attracts new researchers to a range of exciting and challenging research projects in dynamic environments under the supervision of successful and established principal investigators. All of the Research COREs (Centres of Research and Enterprise) and Research Centres that offer opportunities under the programme have demonstrated the real potential of these Fellowships to contribute to research excellence through challenging and original Masters research projects supported by excellent supervision.

Fellowship opportunities span the academic disciplines and include research opportunities within each of the listed research groups. Candidates with a first or upper second class honours degree are eligible to apply for project funding under this scheme.


enviroCORE is host to researchers from the Department of Science and Health. The research centre is focused on the development of biological and chemical environmental technologies that offer innovative solutions to environmental problems and that support sustainable economic and social development.

Research themes include:

• Phyto, vermi, and microbial technologies for waste treatment;

• Biomass production and biotransformations;

• Environmental bioindicators, biosensors and biomarkers;

• Environmental modelling and risk assessment;

• Ecology, biodiversity and natural resources.

Some current research projects include:

• Investigating the novel bacterium Ensifer adhaerans OV14 on the putative replacement for Agrobacterium mediated gene transfer in commercially viable crops;

• Development of novel bioplastics as a means of a sustainable waste management solution;

• Influence of enzyme supplementation technologies in biogas production;

• Use of serum amyloid A as a biomarker in Environmental Science;

• Assessing the ecological impact of recycling-derived fertilisers using microbiome and meiofauna community analyses, for soil nutrient sustainability;

• Improving the efficiency of a petroleum degrading bacterial consortia to bioremediate soil contaminated with heavy fuel oil at the former Irish Sugar factory site In Carlow;

• Characterising lignocellulose degradation in mushroom substrate by Agaricus bisporus;

• Development of sustainable plant parasitic nermatode management approaches;

• Source, prevalence and characterisation of microplastics in Irish Freshwater.

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