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Institute of Technology Carlow encourages academic excellence with a range of Postgraduate Research Fellowships which are offered annually to recent, appropriately qualified graduates. The Fellowship Programme attracts new researchers to a range of exciting and challenging research projects in dynamic environments under the supervision of successful and established principal investigators. All of the Research COREs (Centres of Research and Enterprise) and Research Centres that offer opportunities under the programme have demonstrated the real potential of these Fellowships to contribute to research excellence through challenging and original Masters research projects supported by excellent supervision.

Fellowship opportunities span the academic disciplines and include research opportunities within each of the listed research groups. Candidates with a first or upper second class honours degree are eligible to apply for project funding under this scheme.


The gameCORE research centre conducts both pure and applied research with a focus on the areas of Games and Learning (including Games Based Learning and Gamification).

gameCORE has research interests in Ambient Assisted Living (AAL), Data Science, Cybersecurity, Blockchains, Network Management, and AI/Machine Learning.

It also has strong links with industry, and has been involved with numerous collaborations, largely funded by Enterprise Ireland and the Irish Research Council.

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Some current research projects include:

• Teaching Interdisciplinary Human Centred Design to Improve Patient Quality of Life;

• Gaming in Corporate Learning Environments;

• Use of Game Elements to Aid in the Development of Student Employability Skills;

• The Effect of Gamification on Internalising Coding Standards;

• The Cultivation of Beneficial Studying Habits Through the Use of Gamification;

• The Gamification of Corporate e-Learning;

• Using Game Elements to Guide the Journey of the Postgraduate Research Students;

• Increasing Engagement to Improve Wellness;

• Leveraging xAPI in a Corporate e-Learning Environment to Facilitate the Tracking, Modeling and Predictive Analysis of Learner Behaviour;

• Augmented Learning in adults with Intellectual Disabilities;

• ILLUSTRATE: user-centrIc muLti-modaL USer inTerface foR Aal sysTEms;

• Nematode Identification Using Artificial Neural Networks;

• Algorithmic Trading and Data Analytics

• Categorising a United States Based Group Insurance Carrier's Broker Network: a Graph Theoretic Approach;

• Blockchains and Decentralised Exchanges: The Implications for User Privacy;

• An Investigation of Dynamic Temperature Monitoring and Control in Modular Data Centres – Initially Using Infrared Thermography (IRT) and a Novel Machinelearning Framework to Improve Efficiency.

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