Integrative Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy

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Integrative Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy

Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy is a specialised area of practice. This Master's programme will equip learners with the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies to meet the therapeutic needs of children and adolescents.

With a strong focus on excellence in clinical practice, learners are fully supported in making the transition from being a practising therapist with adults to clinical work with children and adolescents. A safe, nurturing environment is fostered through established links with an on-site placement centre.

Who Should Apply
This 2.5 year programme will be of interest to practising therapists and play therapists who wish to extend their existing qualification in counselling and psychotherapy
to Master's level and work with children and adolescents.

This part-time programme consists of ten modules over 2.5 years. It is a taught Master's with a strong research component. The programme utilises a continuous assessment strategy and learners accumulate credits though a variety of assessments over the duration of the programme.

The MA in Child and Adolescent Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy is validated for onsite delivery in the college. We are working with QQI on a Blended learning option for our programmes, however we do not have a date for a BL version of the C&A-MA, yet. For now the 2022 intake will be based on the current onsite validation, meaning each monthly weekend will be scheduled for delivery in the college.

Student Benefits & Support
We hold that it is not enough to simply teach the skills of counselling and psychotherapy. Learners are given the space to learn, practice and be supported
as they extend the scope of their practice to work with children and adolescents.

100 hours of client work must be completed as part of this programme. Approx. 50 hours should be with children aged 6-11 and 50 should be with adolescents aged 12-17. A ratio of 60:40 is also allowable if a learner has a preference for working with one age group over the other.

Clinical hours must be completed in an approved setting, after completion of an assessment of readiness to practice with younger clients.

Learners are required to be in on-going clinical supervision, at a ratio of 1 hour of supervision to every 5 hours of clinical work regardless of accreditation status. Supervisors for this programme must be qualified, accredited therapists and supervisors with one of the main professional bodies in Ireland (IACP/IAHIP/BACP/IAPTP/APPI/FTAI). In addition, they must be experienced in supervision of clinical work with minors.

Validation & Accreditation of Award
This Master's is a major award validated by QQI at Level 9 on the NFQ.

Subjects taught

The programme contains ten mandatory modules over the duration of two and 1/2 years. Year 2 spans 1.5 years and covers three semesters.

First Year Modules
The Sequentially Planned Integrative Counselling for Children (SPICC) Model
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with Children and Adolescents
Child and Adolescent Development
Play, Creative Media and Expressive Arts
Clinical Skills for Working with Children and Adolescents

Second Year Modules (Spans three semesters 1.5 years)
Advanced Research Methods
Solution Focused Brief Therapy with Children and Adolescents
Theory and Practice of Child and Adolescent Therapy
Clinical Practice and Development
Research Portfolio

Entry requirements

Entry Routes
If English is your second language you are required to submit an IELTS (International English Language Testing System) cert at Level 6.5, or equivalent. For more information please click HERE

An honours degree, Level 8 on The National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ), in counselling and psychotherapy, or equivalent.


An honours degree, Level 8 on the NFQ, plus a professional diploma in counselling and psychotherapy that meets with IACP/IAHIP course
recognition standards (or equivalent). The diploma must have counselling and psychotherapy at its core.

Learners will be invited to an interview with faculty as part of the application process.

Application dates

Apply Online

Please note due to the current Covid -19 restrictions, our office team are working remotely. Therefore we would encourage you to apply online for speedy process of your application. Should you have any questions in relation to making your online application please contact Triona on 086-0499154.

Assessment Info

Learners are assessed through a continuous assessment strategy, which includes a variety of mediums such as individual and group projects, skills training assessments, case studies and process recordings, written assignments, essays and a research portfolio




2.5 Years

The programme is facilitated through monthly three day blocks (usually Friday – Sunday)

Enrolment dates

Start Date: Friday 2nd October 2020

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    Degree - Masters (Level 9 NFQ)

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    Part time,Daytime,Weekend

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