Introduction To Data Analytics/Visualisation & Machine Learning - Module

The aim of this module is to introduce the learner to standard business systems to collect and interpret datasets for data-driven intelligence. Therefore, learners will develop an understanding of the need to design and develop database systems, collect, clean, visualise and interpret data rooted in best data analysis practice.

Award: University Certificate of Study

Subjects taught

Introduction To Data Analytics/ Visualisation & Machine Learning AU5112

The module is broken down to provide an overview of the following areas:

Introduce the use of database technologies and data visualisation in a relevant industrial context.

Represent pattern, trends, and correlations through appropriate data visualisation techniques, relevant to the learners of
Business and Industrial practice.

Analyse the application of computational intelligence to decision making problems in a relevant Business and Industrial context.

Build on the Digitalization of Process module understand the need to generate suitable datasets to extract valuable information.

Use appropriate software to perform time series analysis and forecasting.

Investigate approaches to machine learning and select and develop appropriate algorithms for a specific data stream.

Understand the need for data analytics applications for decision support on an empirical data stream relevant to the learners Business and Industrial practice.

Entry requirements

Applicants should have a first or second-class Level 8 honours degree, or equivalent prior learning that is recognised by the University as meeting this requirement.

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13 weeks part-time.

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Course Start Date: Spring 2024

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Professional Diploma Digitalisation of Business & Industry Processes

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