Leading Business Analytics Big Data - Micro-Credential

Trinity College Dublin

Leading Business Analytics Big Data - Micro-Credential

• It is designed to cover a range of topics such as development & management of big data strategy, identifying opportunities within AI and predictive analytics, exploring new big data sources such as text & network data, aligning big data strategy with technology and the automation of business processes using predictive analysis.

• Delivered through practical examples, this course guides candidates in understanding the technology behind AI and big data with the aim to enhance communications and collaboration between business leaders and technologists.

• The micro-credential is also designed to allow participants to assess the big data-driven maturity of their organisation to unlock growth avenues.

Why should I take this Micro-credential?
• This micro-credential will provide learners with a roadmap to successfully understand and exploit Analytics, Big Data & AI opportunities within an organisation. It aims to bridge the gap between analytical concepts and the business value that can be created from the implementation of Big Data based insights and knowledge.

• Based on practical examples, this micro-credential will help professional learners to understand the technology behind Big Data and Artificial Intelligence which will enhance communication and collaboration with Data Scientists and Data Engineers.

What will I learn?
On successful completion of this micro-credential, learners will be able to:
• Critically analyse and develop data & analytics strategies that may best support your organisation.

• Develop a data driven innovation for your organisation.

• Select suitable analytical techniques and technologies for specific business cases.

• Communicate better with data scientists and data engineers in your organisation.

• Evaluate and prioritize data driven and AI innovations.

What will I do?
This is the micro-credential content areas covered:

• Data & Analytics Strategy: Assess the data driven maturity of an organisation and based on this develop a data & analytics value map with opportunities for an organisation.

• Business Analytics: Get a better understanding of analytical techniques, such as descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics. Based on this, participants should better select the correct techniques to successfully implement data & analytical opportunities

• Big Data Technology: Get a better understanding of the technology needed to acquire and analyse data.

• Artificial Intelligence: Smartly combine predictive analytics (machine learning), prescriptive analytics and big data technology to develop systems that are able to mimic human behaviour an create business value.

How will this Micro-credential be delivered?
• This micro-credential will be delivered online

• The VLE (BlackBoard) will be used to host activities including Collaborate Ultra and discussion boards. It will also be used to provide structured access to all resources and assignments.

Entry requirements

Admission Requirements
• All applicants are required to have a minimum of 3 years professional or managerial work experience (this is in-line with entry criteria for other TBS post-experience postgraduate programmes such as the MBA and Executive MBA programmes).
• Language requirements for students whose first language is not English are IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL IBT 90 for non-native English speakers.
• Up to date CV required.

Application dates

Closing Date: 8th September 2023


6 weeks

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