Medicine - Graduate Entry

The graduate entry medical programme at the University of Limerick will produce doctors who are competent, confident and caring; who understand the scientific basis of medicine; who recognise the social and environmental context in which health and illness exist and in which medicine is practised; and who have skills for and commitment to service, teamwork, scientific enquiry, self-fulfilment and life-long learning.

Subjects taught

Year 1:
BM4001 Knowledge of Health & Illness 1
BM4011 Clinical & Anatomical Skills 1
BM4021 Professional Competencies 1

Year 2:
BM4002 Knowledge of Health & Illness 2
BM4012 Clinical & Anatomical Skills 2
BM4022 Professional Competencies 2

Year 3:
•BM4003 General Practice/Primary Care
•BM4053 Medicine 1
•BM4063 Surgery 1
•BM4023 Professional Competencies 3

Year 4:
BM4034 Medicine 2
BM4044 Surgery 2
BM4054 Obstetrics & Gynaecology
BM4064 Paediatrics
BM4074 Psychiatry
BM4084 Professional Competencies 4


4 Years Full- Time

Enrolment dates

Start Date: 09/Sep/2019

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