Medicine & Health - Research - PhD

Entry requirements

Academic requirements

PhD applicants need an honours level degree (NFQ level 8) with a minimum of a 2H1 (second class honours, grade 1) to apply.

Check our qualification comparison website at for equivalencies.

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Although students generally choose a topic for their research from their degree discipline you are not restricted to your primary degree subjects.


CKZ01 PhD (Dentistry) - Oral Health and Development (Full-Time)
CKZ02 PhD (Dentistry) - Oral Health and Development (Part-Time)
CKZ03 PhD (Medicine) - Medicine (Full-Time)
CKZ04 PhD (Medicine) - Medicine (Part-Time)
CKZ05 MD - Medicinie (Full-Time)
CKZ06 MD - Medicinie (Part-Time)
CKZ07 PhD (Medicine) - Pharmacy (Full-Time)
CKZ08 PhD (Medicine) - Pharmacy (Part-Time)
CKZ09 PhD Nursing (Full-Time)
CKZ10 PhD (Dentistry) - Dental Surgery (Full-Time)
CKZ11 PhD (Dentistry) - Dental Surgery (Part-Time)
CKZ12 PhD (Dentistry) - Restorative Dentistry (Full-Time)
CKZ13 PhD (Dentistry) - Restorative Dentistry (Part-Time)
CKZ14 PhD Nursing (Part-Time)
CKZ15 PhD (Medicine) - Anatomy (Full-Time)
CKZ16 PhD (Medicine) - Anatomy (Part-Time)
CKZ17 PhD (Medicine) - Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine (Full-Time)
CKZ18 PhD (Medicine) - Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine (Part-Time)
CKZ19 PhD (Medicine) - Epidemiology & Public Health (Full-Time)
CKZ20 PhD (Medicine) - Epidemiology & Public Health (Part-Time)
CKZ21 PhD (Medicine) - General Practice (Full-Time)
CKZ22 PhD (Medicine) - General Practice (Part-Time)
CKZ23 PhD (Medicine) - Obstetrics & Gynaecology (Full-Time)
CKZ24 PhD (Medicine) - Obstetrics & Gynaecology (Part-Time)
CKZ25 PhD (Medicine) - Paediatrics (Full-Time)
CKZ26 PhD ( Medicine) - Paediatrics (Part-Time)
CKZ27 PhD (Medicine) - Pathology (Full-Time)
CKZ28 PhD (Medicine) - Pathology (Part-Time)
CKZ29 PhD (Medicine) - Pharmacology (Full-Time)
CKZ30 PhD [Medicine] - Pharmacology (Part-Time)
CKZ31 PhD (Medicine) - Physiology (Full-Time)
CKZ32 PhD (Medicine) - Physiology (Part-Time)
CKZ33 PhD (Medicine) - Psychiatry (Full-Time)
CKZ34 PhD (Medicine) - Psychiatry (Part-Time)
CKZ35 PhD (Medicine) - Surgery (Full-Time)
CKZ36 PhD (Medicine) - Surgery (Part-Time)

CKZ61 DClinDent in Oral Surgery (Full-Time)
CKZ62 DClinDent in Orthodontics (Full-Time)
CKZ63 DOccT (Full-Time)
CKZ64 DOccT (Part-Time)
CKZ65 PhD (Pharmacy) - Clinical Pharmacy/Pharmacy Practice (Full-Time)
CKZ66 PhD (Pharmacy) - Clinical Pharmacy/Pharmacy Practice (Part-Time)
CKZ67 PhD (Pharmacy) - Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Full-Time)
CKZ68 PhD (Pharmacy) - Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Part-Time)
CKZ69 PhD (Pharmacy) - Pharmaceutics (Full-Time)
CKZ70 PhD (Pharmacy) - Pharmaceutics (Part-Time)
CKZ71 PhD (Pharmacy) - Pharmacology (Full-Time)
CKZ72 PhD (Pharmacy) - Pharmacology (Part-Time)
CKZ73 PhD - Speech and Hearing Sciences (Full-Time)
CKZ74 PhD - Speech and Hearing Sciences (Part-Time)
CKZ75 PhD - Occupational Therapy (Full-Time)
CKZ76 PhD - Occupational Therapy (Part-Time) Apply

CKZ78 PhD (Medicine) (Structured Population and Health Services Research Education) (Full-Time)
CKZ79 PhD (Medicine) (Structured Population and Health Services Research Education) (Part-Time)
CKZ80 PhD (Clinical and Translational Research) (Full-Time)
CKZ81 PhD (Medicine) - Neuroscience (Full-Time)
CKZ82 PhD (Medicine) - Neuroscience (Part-Time)

CKZ88 PhD (Medicine) Health Professions Education (Full-Time)
CKZ89 PhD (Medicine) Physiotherapy (Full-Time)
CKZ90 PhD (Medicine) - Radiography (Full-Time)
CKZ91 PhD (Medicine) - Radiography (Part-Time)

CKZ95 PhD (Medicine) - Physiotherapy (Part-time)

CKH99 Doctor of Clinical Psychology (Full-time)

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  • Qualifications

    Degree - Doctoral (Level 10 NFQ)

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    Part time

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