Peri-Operative Nursing

Who is the programme for?
This Programme is for nurses who have a primary degree (or equivalent) in nursing or a related discipline with at least two year's post-registration experience with one year's experience in the peri-operative environment. Usually, applicants have experience in the areas of anaesthesia, intra-operative, post-anaesthesia care nursing. The Programme is designed to expand the knowledge and clinical skills of nurses who already are engaged in the care of people within the peri-operative environment. Candidates must be employed in a peri-operative environment at the commencement of and for the full duration of the programme.

What is the programme about?
Peri-operative nursing requires an advanced knowledge base, skilled assessment, prompt intervention and ongoing evaluation. This programme is designed to provide nurses with an opportunity to develop, enhance and maintain these specialist skills required to care for patients in the peri-operative environment. It also provides students with an opportunity for personal growth and professional development.

Programme aims
This programme aims to enable students to develop new knowledge and greater understanding of the principles and theories, which underpin the various aspects of peri-operative nursing, including nursing theory and theory in the bio-psychosocial sciences.

What will I learn?
The emphasis throughout the programme is on practical application of specialist nursing knowledge and skills in peri-operative contexts. The programme comprises 6 credit-bearing modules.

How will I benefit?
This programme will enhance career prospects and provide the building blocks for lifelong self-directed learning. It will provide key knowledge and the critical skills required to be a more effective clinician and to innovate and lead in peri-operative nursing practice.

Teaching methods / Information technology
A wide range of innovative teaching and assessment methods are used, including lectures, workshops, tutorials, online media, debate, case presentations and clinical assessments. Through the curriculum structure, students are enabled to apply their theoretical knowledge in the clinical setting. There are designated clinical placement requirements in this programme. Students remain attached to their own peri-operative environment for the duration of the training programme once their peri-operative environment meets the required designated clinical placements.

Entry requirements

Hold a Primary Degree in Nursing or equivalent in a related discipline or apply for Recognition of Prior Learning

Be entered onto the general division of the Nurses Register maintained by NMBI

Have a minimum of two year's post-registration experience in nursing.

Have at least one year's experience in the peri-operative environment within the last five year.

Normally, have a specified period of experience in the area of anaesthesia/post-anaesthesia nursing, and in the area of pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative nursing.

Candidates must be employed in the peri-operative environment prior to commencing the course and for the duration of the course for a minimum of 75 hours per month

Other criteria to be used in the assessment of the application include number of years and type of peri-operative experience, and evidence of on-going professional development.

Subjects taught

Programme structure
Running over one calendar-year, this three-semester specialist training programme consists of six modules of study. The modular structure offers flexibility and ease-of-access in order to best meet the educational needs of the students.

Core modules:
Nursing Knowledge, Philosophy and Practice (Semester 1)
(Download dates for on-campus lectures)
Research Methods Applied to Healthcare (Semester 2)
(Download dates for on-campus lectures)

Specialist modules:
Foundations of Anaesthetic & Operative Nursing Care (Semester 1)
Intra-Operative Nursing Care (Semester 2)
Anaesthetic & Recovery Nursing Care (Semester 2)
Clinical Practicum (Semester 3)

Students taking the programme over two years will take the two core modules in year 1 and the four specialist modules in year 2.




1 year full-time.

Enrolment dates

X551 Grad Dip
X713 Grad Cert

Post Course Info

With the Graduate Diploma in Nursing (Peri-operative Nursing) students have the requisite knowledge and clinical skills to work in a wide variety of peri-operative care settings, both in Ireland and internationally.

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    Postgraduate Diploma (Level 9 NFQ)

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