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Please note due to the great demand for our programmes early applications are assessed when received and dealt with promptly. Therefore it is advisable to make early applications for an early response. If you do not yet have your final degree results this will not hinder your application as we are happy to issue conditional offer letters in such circumstances.

This two year, part-time course provides the educational requirements for practice as a Planning and Development Surveyor. It also serves the purpose of broadening the knowledge and skill base of professionals working in the built environment field.

Entry to holders of recognised professional qualifications in planning, architecture, surveying, engineering, law, accountancy, or an appropriate honours bachelor degree (2.2 grade or higher), and a minimum of three years post-certification suitable work experience in the built environment field.

Note: Due to the considerable competition for our postgraduate programmes satisfying the minimum entry requirement is not a guarantee of a place. Depending on the programme of study applications will be assessed based on your academic grades and may also take into account your work/life experience. Applicants may also be required to attend for interview for specific programmes.

Enrolment to this course takes place in alternative years.

Subjects taught

SSPL 9055 Sustainable Construction

This module divides into two components. The first provides an overview of the principles and techniques for building and site development. The second component provides an understanding of energy conservation in sustainable construction and building design.

SSPL9016 Planning Practice I

An introduction and guide to the practicalities of how planning legislation and regulations occur in practice – having specific regard to administrative structures and procedures.

SSPL9018 Planning Practice II

Following on from 'Planning Practice 1', this module provides a more in depth and advanced knowledge and understanding of the features of the Irish planning system and professional practice.

SSPL9017 Seminars

The module comprises a series of seminars – of up a half day in duration - in which real life development projects are examined and analysed. The projects range in terms of type and size. In each case the site visit is accompanied by an introduction by the proponent of the project. Normally the projects are under construction or completed and the students are given an overview of the process by key players who were involved in the development process. Each seminar includes a site visit.

SSPL9018 Spatial Planning

There are two elements to this module, a grounding in current concepts of spatial planning and its relationship to urban design. A critical evaluation of how and why spatial planning and urban design are formative influences in the development process.

RECE9031 Urban Economics

Land Use Economics consolidates the students understanding of economic theory and defines its relationship with Town Planning, Valuations, the Construction and Property Industries. It identifies the factors that influence the geographical patterns of economic activity in the global, European and Irish economies. It introduces the implications and outcomes that result from specific public and strategic economic policies. Learning insights are focused on developing methodologies to enable students to apply their awareness of current affairs to the time-dynamic of the market place, which together with location, demography and finance define the pillars of the property industry.

RECE9010 Valuations I

This is the introductory module for the subject of Valuations. It deals with property markets, the derivation of yields, analysis of property transactions and the bases for the valuation of commercial property. It is broad in scope, and provides an initial prelude to the operations of the property markets at a macro- and micro-level, including Development and Investment Appraisal, as well as basic valuations techniques.

RECE9022 Valuations II

This is the follow-on module for the subject of Valuations I. It deals with more advanced technical and legal aspects of commercial property valuations, and introduces some of the wider issues associated with the valuation profession.

SSPL9021 Construction Management

The module provides an overview of two distinct components of issues relating to the management of construction projects.

To help the student appraise and gain a better understanding of the static and dynamics of construction management and administration, and developments in construction procurement and management and how these impact on property development and investment.

To help the student develop sufficient knowledge of safety, health and welfare at work legislation to assist them in daily practice this module is primarily aimed at those engaged in the construction industry.

SSPL9023 Property Development

This module divides into two components. Component A provides the learner with an understanding of the dynamics of the property development process. It defines the objectives of development in the context of economic viability, risk versus reward and in the overall setting of the property and construction industries. Component B provides an understanding of approaches and techniques that are used in marketing and property portfolio management.

RECE4051 Property Finance

Real estate finance is concerned with the sources and types of finance available for funding property investment and development schemes, the criteria applied by the lending and investing institutions in the provision of finance for development, risk analysis in property lending, financial risk/exposure management and with the recent and ongoing innovations in the area of derivative investments in property. A major element of the module is an examination from both a development and funding perspective of a property development case study, undertaken by the students through an assignment

SSPL9025 Property Law

This module specialises in the area of development law in order to provide the student with specific knowledge in an area of law relevant an understanding of the administrative and legal context for public policy making in relation to the planning and development process.

SSPL9006 Research Techniques

This module provides the skills to understand sources of information, data analysis and computation relevant to research. It also prepares the student for writing the dissertation.

SSPL 9056 Dissertation MSc

This is a self directed learning module which is reported in a dissertation between 15,000 and 20,000 words – it may be based on a work- placement that is part of the Progress and Placement module

The module will be supplemented by a number of lectures on the selection of a research theme and the process of dissertation write-up. It will also include attendance at a Current Issues Conference and associated workshop to familiarize the candidate with the most current research activities associated with Sustainable Development.

The dissertation will be an original piece of work by the student on a topic relevant to the theme of Sustainable Development and is a mandatory requirement for the award of a masters degree.

As a research question is developed and undertaken students are expected to report on their progress in four work in progress reports. These take the form of oral or poster presentations. The final presentation is at a student conference in October/November.


Part Time - 2 Years

Timetable / Hours

Two years, part-time. The course requires attendance for eight hours weekly (normally on Mondays, semester 1, 2, & 3 and Thursdays semester 4) plus tutorials and site visits over two academic years concluding with the submission of the dissertation in October of the second year.

Enrolment dates

Start Date: September 2019

Location: College of Engineering & Built Environment, DIT Bolton Street, Dublin 1

Post Course Info

Career Opportunities

The course has been recognised by the Society of Chartered Surveyors/Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors as fulfilling the academic requirements for membership of the Planning and Development Division of Society and Institution.

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    Degree - Masters (Level 9 NFQ)

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