Science - Masters - Research

Entry requirements

Academic requirements

Master by Research applicants need an honours level degree (NFQ level 8) with a minimum of a 2H2 (second class honours, grade 2) to apply.

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Although students generally choose a topic for their research from their degree discipline you are not restricted to your primary degree subjects.


CKS01 MSc - Biochemistry (Full-Time)
CKS02 MSc - Biochemistry (Part-Time)
CKS05 MSc - Applied Ecology (Full-Time)
CKS06 MSc - Applied Ecology (Part-Time)
CKS07 MSc - Applied Mathematics (Full-Time)
CKS08 MSc - Applied Mathematics (Part-Time)
CKS09 MSc - Applied Psychology (Full-Time)
CKS10 MSc - Applied Psychology (Part-Time)
CKS11 MSc - Computer Science (Full-Time)
CKS12 MSc - Computer Science (Part-Time)
CKS13 MSc - Geography (Full-Time)
CKS14 MSc - Geography (Part-Time)
CKS15 MSc - Chemistry (Full-Time)
CKS16 MSc - Chemistry (Part-Time)
CKS17 MSc - Geology (Full-Time)
CKS18 MSc - Geology (Part-Time)
CKS19 MSc - Physics (Full-Time)
CKS20 MSc - Physics (Part-Time)
CKS23 MSc - Zoology (Full-Time)
CKS24 MSc - Zoology (Part-Time)
CKS27 MSc - Plant Science (Full-Time)
CKS28 MSc - Plant Science (Part-Time)

CKS47 MSc - Microbiology (Full-Time)
CKS48 MSc - Microbiology (Part-Time)

CKS57 MSc - Environmental Science (Full-Time)
CKS58 MSc - Environmental Science (Part-Time)
CKS59 MSc - Fisheries Management, Development & Conservation (Full-Time)
CKS60 MSc - Fisheries Management, Development & Conservation (Part-Time)
CKS61 MSc - Applied Mathematics (Full-Time)
CKS62 MSc - Applied Mathematics (Part-Time)
CKS63 MSc - Mathematics (Full-Time)
CKS64 MSc - Mathematics (Part-Time)
CKS65 MSc - Pharmacology (Full-Time)
CKS66 MSc - Pharmacology (Part-Time)
CKS67 MSc - Statistics (Full-Time)
CKS68 MSc - Statistics (Part-Time)
CKS69 MSc in Applied Science (Modelling and Numerical Computing) (Full-Time)

CKS78 MSc in Bioinnovation (Full-Time)
CKS79 MSc by Independent Research (Plant Science) (Full-Time)
CKS80 MRes Biochemistry (Full-Time)
CKS81 MRes in Animal and Plant Science (Full-Time)
CKS82 MRes in Geological Sciences (Full-time)
CKS83 MRes in Environmental Science (Full-Time)
CKS84 MRes Animal Behaviour and Welfare (Full-Time)

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  • Qualification letters

    MSc / MRes

  • Qualifications

    Degree - Masters (Level 9 NFQ)

  • Attendance type

    Part time

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