Social Care & Social Justice - Online

This exciting, interesting and thought provoking programme gives you the opportunity to examine the fields of social care and social justice as a collaborative and complementary subject area.

As a blended learning programme, it provides a flexibility that is not always possible within Masters awards.

The aim of this programme is to allow students to critically analyse social care and social justice as it is currently conceived and explore its applications to a range of service and user groups to enhance their capacity to act as a force for progressive social change.

Through this course students are required to reflectively interrogate their own identities and positioning, developing practical skills for advocacy, lobbying and activism allowing them to lead and initiate change within a given area. Students will be provided with the skills to facilitate representation at the personal, organisational and political levels of society; promote the concept of relationality in all aspects of social care to promote social inclusion, social justice and equality; practice the values of recognition and respect in all social care domains and in society generally; critique redistributive and social justice; critically redress unequal relations; develop the capacity to access care for oneself and undertake care for others.

Entry requirements

All applicants will be considered through a selection process. Key requirements include:

• 2.2 Honours Degree in Social Care or in a cognate discipline

• Two years of professional practice experience in a relevant field.

Students who do not meet the above criteria can apply to be considered through the process of RPL/RPE. More information on this process can be found at the following link: learning/about/recognition-of-prior-learning/

All applicants who meet the entry criteria will be invited for an interview.

Successful interview applicants will be offered a place on the programme.

Subjects taught

Semester 1
• Introduction to Social Justice Theory & Practice 10
• Social Transformation 10
• Management and Leadership in Social Care 05
• Research Design and Development 05

Semester 2
• Care Work and Social Justice 10
• Human Rights Policy & Law 10
• Social Locations: An intersectional approach 10
• Social Inclusion and Diversity 10
• Final Research Project 20




Postgraduate Diploma 18 months (3 semesters)
Masters 2 years (4 semesters).

Delivery Method
Part-time blended online and in college. Students study 6 days over each semester on campus, usually 2 consecutive days at the beginning, 2 consecutive days mid semester and 2 consecutive days at the end of the semester in addition to a weekly online lecture.


Total Fees for PgD €4800
Total Fees for MA €7200

Per 5 Credit module €400
Per 10 Credit module €800
Per 20 Credit module €1600

Enrolment dates

Intake: September.

Post Course Info

Career Opportunities
This programme provides graduates with expert knowledge in the social care and social justice fields and therefore graduates are expected to progress up their personal career ladders in areas such as policy, research, management and leadership within specific organisations.

What are my further study opportunities?
Doctoral Studies in Social Care or Social Justice Discipline, Research, Policy, can be explored. Other opportunities exist, depending on your personal goals.

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    Degree - Masters (Level 9 NFQ)

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