Television & Media Production / Telifís agus na Meáin

Achoimre / Summary
Riachtanaisí Iontrála / Entrance Requirements
Cáilíocht Leibhéal 7 nó coibhéiseach / Level 7 Degree or equivalent
Gaeilge ag leibhéal tuisceana agus comhrá

Foghlaim Chumaisc: Ceardlanna Praticiúila + Ar líne / Blended Learning: Practical Workshops + Online
Lánaimseartha and Páirtaimseartha / Full-time and Part-time

The award-winning Higher Diploma in Arts in Television and Media Production, developed by WIT and Nemeton TV in partnership with Udarás na Gaeltachta, has been successfully preparing new media talent since 2006. The course will commence again this September 2022 with an exciting and innovative brand new blend of practical workshops and online classes. The eight-month course is uniquely tailored to the needs of students and is particularly suited to those who wish to develop their skills while also working. It is designed to provide students with the essential practical skills to enter the television, film and audio-visual industries as professionals. Hence, our graduates usually find work immediately upon completing their studies.

The course will offer each of the participants the opportunity to work in a live production environment and at the end of the course each student will have directed or edited his or her own television programme. These programmes will satisfy the broadcast criteria of both TG4 and RTE. As there is a demand for bi-lingual producers, directors and editors, the course will be taught through both Irish and English, therefore enhancing the linguistic abilities of students.

Applicants must hold a Level 7 qualification or higher and must have a level of competency in spoken Irish. Applicants without the above minimum requirements but with relevant industrial experience and language competency will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Subjects taught

Year 1
Semester 1
Major Project
Crafting & Design
Int. to Cultural / Theoretical As

Semester 2
Editing Techniques
Directing Techniques
Business & Legal Aspects
Emerging Platforms Dig Media

Course Content
The course in structure matches closely the media production process. There are, therefore, modules on the programme that cover pre-production, production, and post-production. The duration of the course is one-year, full-time, Classes will take place both at WIT and in the Nemeton TV training studios in An Rinn, (the Waterford Gaeltacht) Where in this creative cultural and linguistic environment students will learn and practice their camera skills on the stunning Helvic-Ardmore coastline.

Generating realisable ideas
Budgeting and pitching
Cultural and theoretical elements of media

Directing Television
The multi-camera environment
Production management

Business and legal aspects

Entry requirements

Applications must hold a NQAI Level 7 qualification or higher.

Students must have a level of competency in spoken Irish.

Applications will be made directly to WIT and selected applicants will be called for interview.

Applicants without the above minimum requirements but with relevant industrial experience and Irish language competency will be considered on a caseby- case basis.

Otherwise suitably qualified applicants may be required to take a programme to improve competency in Irish.

Application dates

Application Closing 31 Aug 2022




1 year Block Release

What is block release delivery
The practical modules on this course are taught in 3 day blocks of workshops. These will be delivered twice a month and supplemented with independent practical exercises, tutorials and evening online masterclasses


Programme fee details are available on the Postgraduate Fee Schedule displayed on our website at

Post Course Info

This course is designed to develop student's ability to create imaginative visual media content and to provide them with the essential practical skills so as they can find work as a professionals in both television and the digital media industry. There is a demand for trained professionals with both creative storytelling skills and practical digital media skills in a variety of industries both Irish and the global video content markets.

Graduates from the course have found employment in the audio visual and film industry like TG4, TV3, RTE and BBC as well as Digital Marketing and PR as well as teaching and Irish language print and communications industry.

About Nemeton TV
Nemeton was founded in 1993. Since then the company has grown from one employee to fifty. It is based in the Waterford Gaeltacht. The company has regularly received recognition for excellence in business and in promotion of the Irish language and for the high quality of its television programming. For almost twenty years Nemeton TV has been producing programming for RTE, TG4 and BBC. Nemeton also provides satellite facilities worldwide and have the first HD studio in Ireland. The company's strong emphasis on training means that they are also committed to nurturing new and emerging talent. Its programmes include GAA Beo, Sacar Beo, Laochra Gael and Trom go Trim on TG4 and Health Squad on RTÉ 1.

Nemeton TV
An Rinn
Dún Garbhán
Co. Phort láirge
Teil: 058-46499
R-phost: traená
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    Higher Diploma (Level 8 NFQ)

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    Full time,Part time,Blended

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