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Entry requirements

Academic requirements
PhD applicants need an honours level degree (NFQ level 8) with a minimum of a 2H1 (second class honours, grade 1) to apply.

Master by Research applicants need an honours level degree (NFQ level 8) with a minimum of a 2H2 (second class honours, grade 2) to apply.

Check our qualification comparison website here for equivalencies.

Check our English language requirements here.

Although students generally choose a topic for their research from their degree discipline you are not restricted to your primary degree subjects.

Once applicants know which area or topic they wish to research, they then need to find supervisors. This site offers a list of academics listed under a wide range of schools/departments/disciplines.

Applicants can also contact a UCC academic unit directly to enquire about the availability of appropriate supervisors.

You must choose your supervisors and discuss your research proposal with them before applying. Your supervisors will let you know if you need to prepare a research proposal and will need to approve your proposal before you submit it. You may need to submit this proposal directly to the School/Department and/or submit it with your online application. Applicants who apply to research programmes in Arts, Celtics Studies and Social Sciences, Law and Medicine & Health are required to submit a research proposal of approximately 1,500 words, and in Business, a proposal of approximately 500 words is required.

Application dates

Apply Online
After confirming your research area and supervisory arrangements (as detailed via How to Apply - Application link below) applicants apply online at the UCC application portal. There is a €50 application fee for applications.


CKS01 MSc - Biochemistry (Full-Time)
CKS02 MSc - Biochemistry (Part-Time)
CKS05 MSc - Applied Ecology (Full-Time)
CKS06 MSc - Applied Ecology (Part-Time)
CKS07 MSc - Applied Mathematics (Full-Time)
CKS08 MSc - Applied Mathematics (Part-Time)
CKS09 MSc - Applied Psychology (Full-Time)
CKS10 MSc - Applied Psychology (Part-Time)
CKS11 MSc - Computer Science (Full-Time)
CKS12 MSc - Computer Science (Part-Time)
CKS13 MSc - Geography (Full-Time)
CKS14 MSc - Geography (Part-Time)
CKS15 MSc - Chemistry (Full-Time)
CKS16 MSc - Chemistry (Part-Time)
CKS17 MSc - Geology (Full-Time)
CKS18 MSc - Geology (Part-Time)
CKS19 MSc - Physics (Full-Time)
CKS20 MSc - Physics (Part-Time)
CKS23 MSc - Zoology (Full-Time)
CKS24 MSc - Zoology (Part-Time)
CKS27 MSc - Plant Science (Full-Time)
CKS28 MSc - Plant Science (Part-Time)

CKS47 MSc - Microbiology (Full-Time)
CKS48 MSc - Microbiology (Part-Time)

CKS57 MSc - Environmental Science (Full-Time)
CKS58 MSc - Environmental Science (Part-Time)
CKS59 MSc - Fisheries Management, Development & Conservation (Full-Time)
CKS60 MSc - Fisheries Management, Development & Conservation (Part-Time)
CKS61 MSc - Applied Mathematics (Full-Time)
CKS62 MSc - Applied Mathematics (Part-Time)
CKS63 MSc - Mathematics (Full-Time)
CKS64 MSc - Mathematics (Part-Time)
CKS65 MSc - Pharmacology (Full-Time)
CKS66 MSc - Pharmacology (Part-Time)
CKS67 MSc - Statistics (Full-Time)
CKS68 MSc - Statistics (Part-Time)
CKS69 MSc in Applied Science (Modelling and Numerical Computing) (Full-Time)

CKS78 MSc in Bioinnovation (Full-Time)
CKS79 MSc by Independent Research (Plant Science) (Full-Time)
CKS80 MRes Biochemistry (Full-Time)
CKS81 MRes in Animal and Plant Science (Full-Time)
CKS82 MRes in Geological Sciences (Full-time)
CKS83 MRes in Environmental Science (Full-Time)
CKS84 MRes Animal Behaviour and Welfare (Full-Time)

More details
  • Qualification letters

    MSc / MRes

  • Qualifications

    Degree - Masters (Level 9 NFQ),Degree - Doctoral (Level 10 NFQ)

  • Attendance type

    Full time,Part time

  • Apply to

    Course provider