How-to guide

How to navigate the platform


The main page of the event is where you can locate all the exhibitor booths and see all the exhibitors attending the Career Discovery week along with the LIVE seminars that will take place on each of the days. You can also visit the CV Clinic booth and book into a live 1:1 advice session.

Exhibitor booth

This booth will give you more information about the company highlight the opportunities available and what to talk about. There will be a list of all the team members who are taking part in the fair. There will be a green dot beside team members who are online.

If you want to chat to an exhibitor, click the chat button, choose your topic and leave your message. A representative from the company will get back to you.

1:1 meetings

You can send an employer or careers advisor a message. When the employer replies they can reply via video chat. You can request a face to face chat with them in your message.

How do I "Chat" to an exhibitor or CV advisor??

When you go into a booth you will see a green "Chat" button on the right hand side - click, You will then be directed to discussion topics, click the "chat" button below a topic that most aligns with your query. You can leave a message for the company and they will reply either in the chat box or request a face to face call, you will then receive a notification.

Live Presentations

This is where you will be able to see all of the scheduled live presentations with our panellists and engage in the live Q&A.

Where do I find Information about LIVE seminars?

All live seminar information can be found in each seminar information booth, you will find the day and time of session, information about the panelists and a description of the top. To view the seminar LIVE and to ask questions, go to the LIVE seminar tab. If you've missed a live session, the recording will be uploaded onto the seminar information booth.

CV Clinic

In the list of exhibitors attending you can go to the "gradireland and AHECS CV Clinic". This is a drop-in service. Enter the booth, request to chat and a CV advisor will let you know when they are available. It’s important to note that you will need to update your profile and your CV uploaded as this is what the careers advisors will have access to.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about booking a stand at our fairs, please contact the gradireland team by using the contact form below.