Postgraduate profile: Christian Jakobsen Petersen

“I couldn’t have done my current job without the training I received.”

Primary Degree: B.A in Business Administration, International

Postgrad Degree: Business Academy, Denmark. MSc in International Strategic Management, Griffith College Dublin.

Graduate Employment: Account Executive at LinkedIn

I did my undergrad in Business Administration in Denmark, with two semesters abroad in England. I found that undergrad study was very hands on – you were given a lot of information and you had to learn it off and repeat it in exams. Postgrad study was completely different; you had all of the information from your undergraduate studies, but you have to figure out exactly what you’re going to do with it. It is not enough to just learn the information at postgrad level; you need to be able to show you can use it too.


The MSc in International Strategic Management from Griffith College Dublin has equipped me with the skills I have needed to become an account executive with LinkedIn. It was a pan-European course, which meant I got to spend time studying in different European universities. I spent time in Germany and France as part of the MSc and had the opportunity to see how lecturers teach and interact with their students in other countries. I also got an insight into how different cultures operate businesswise, which has proved very useful in my current job, as I currently operate between five different cultures.

I have also learned how to apply all of the information from my undergrad to solve business problems. I really liked this practical approach to business. At Griffith College Dublin, the lecturers were business owners themselves, so they knew the practical aspects of business as well as the theoretical side. From them I learned how to apply the theory to day-to-day business strategy and this has helped me to engage with business owners and leaders in my current role. I couldn’t have done my current job without the training I received.

Useful Advice

I would definitely recommend postgraduate study to students who want to challenge themselves and those who want to deepen the knowledge that they have acquired in their undergraduate degrees. More often than not, a postgraduate degree will help you to transfer the information you already know into working life. An undergrad degree shows that you have the capacity to learn and to remember information, while a postgrad degree shows that you can take the information one step further and apply it to day-to-day business. I was a bit doubtful about doing a postgrad, but now I’m very happy I have done, as I wouldn’t have gotten as far as I have in the working world without it.

Christian was interviewed for the gradireland/postgradireland Directory 2013/14.