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Ursula Russell, Finance Graduate, Dairygold

Ursula Russell, Finance Graduate, Dairygold

What’s it like to build a career in your area?

The Dairygold graduate programme is three years long with three rotations. The first is 18 months, second is a year and last is eight months. My first rotation was in capital investments and I’m now in quality and supply chain, looking at costs for quality, storage and haulage.

What skills are an asset?

Hard work and commitment are big parts of my job, and it benefits you in the long run. The other aspect is teamwork; I work in a finance team, not on my own. As an accountant, meeting deadlines and problem solving is another aspect.

Do you have any advice for students?

As I majored in accounting and finance, I had very little presentation experience. In Dairygold you’re expected to come in and present to teams, so that was something I had very little experience in. It’s something I wish I had worked on more in college.

What do you like most about your job?

The people. Being an accountant doesn’t mean being in an office on your own; you’re constantly working together as a team. It’s a team effort all the time and the people in Dairygold are second to none.