Kate Gleeson, Digital Marketing

Kate Gleeson, digital marketing, Irish Times

What are your main tasks and activities?

My main tasks each day are to work on communicating the various projects ongoing within the Irish Times. That could be a podcast, an editorial initiative or a business objective. I construct the marketing plans for these products and deliver them to the right audience.

What skills do you need for your role?

In marketing, an understanding of people is vitally important. On a day to day basis you could be dealing with a wide variety of people in order to put marketing plans in place. Also, it’s important that you have an interest in people in general, as for each campaign you could have a different target market and it’s important that you have an understanding of them and how they like to consume media. Having strong communications is obviously also key, as is attention to detail, a skill which you can develop yourself. Organisation is also important as the job can be very busy and demanding. But you also must have passion and creativity, two things that will always shine through in any marketing role.

What skills have you learnt since college?

Since coming into the workplace, I have learned that I need to be open to change. During your career you’re going to have jobs that you don’t like, and jobs that you love, you need to be able to adapt to the situation and realise that you can change and adapt to various situations. I’ve been constantly learning since college, and one of the most important things is not to be afraid. If you’re in a meeting with others who might be a lot more experienced, don’t be afraid to give your opinion and believe in yourself!