Careers in Management, Business and Administration with Grant Thornton

Less spiel. More real.

At Grant Thornton we’re not like any of the other Audit, Tax and Advisory firms. Why? Because we challenge conventional thinking and deliver creative solutions. We’re always looking for the next big thing.

Less conventional. More inspirational.

We welcome people no matter what course they are studying. We seek creative thinkers with fresh ideas and traditionalists with big dreams. Our mission is to inspire you and to help you to flourish in a way that matches your own personality and goals.

Less one thing. More your thing.

We don’t want you to be doing the same thing everyday. Which is why we’ll give you a[CO1]  more [RM2] [CO3] rounded induction programme, enhanced with regular skills and business training. Our Grant Thornton Academy also provides in-class learning opportunities and our unique Trainee Progression System lets you be in the driving seat of your career. That way you can find the skills you want to pursue, at your pace, and your way.

Less me work. More teamwork.

Rather than being on your own, we believe that for a workplace to run smoothly everyone needs to be working together; teamwork makes the dreamwork. Which is why we encourage teamwork every step of the way. You’ll always feel trusted, and part of a team.

Less late nights. More happy hours.

We prefer to work smart, than to work late. Which means you also have more time to build friendships and have a good time together. Amazing careers come from amazing friendships.

Less boxed in. More set free.

We don’t believe in boxing people in. We encourage you to get to know more than the area you are working in, to discover and learn from others and find what you wish to succeed in. At Grant Thornton you choose the destination.

Less of the same. More of a mix.

We believe diverse ideas come from diverse people which is why our roles are more varied, and why we seek out people who enjoy being different. We proudly celebrate diversity and inclusion with lots of events and initiatives through our ‘Embrace’ programme.

Less no you can’t. More yes we can.

We empower you to do more. At Grant Thornton we are the fastest growing professional services firm in Ireland with over 1,200 people in offices all over the country, as well as 50,000 people in over 130 countries around the world. We take pride in giving everyone the work environment and creative spaces they need to succeed. Together.

For a more innovative, inclusive and diverse grad career, visit to learn more or apply. We also offer a range of undergraduate programmes which include our Internship Programmes and Co-Operative work placements.

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