Careers with Lidl for Property graduates

Lidl is far more than a shop, and our property portfolio is far more than our stores. 

The Portfolio & Facilities Department manages all aspects of the company’s property portfolio. We acquire suitable development sites, achieve planning permission for stores and construct these according to our standard corporate specification. The network of open stores together with warehouses, offices and ancillary property requires ongoing active portfolio management to ensure that we are maximising the value of our assets.

Facilities Management is responsible for how the store is presented daily to the customer. Customers and managers want an inviting and attractive store with no maintenance issues. Facilities Management is also responsible for installing and maintaining all of the stores technical equipment and shelving that keep our products front and centre.

Our mission is to increase the company’s market share through strategic expansion activity that will deliver return on investments, manage our existing property portfolio in order to maximise turnover, and to pro-actively manage all of our facilities. 

In short, we give our Sales colleagues the equipment and in-store experience that enables them to maximise customer satisfaction.

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