I hadn’t given accountancy much thought when I opted for a degree in business management. Luckily, that degree left several options open to me after I graduated. I worked in a financial services role with a large financial banking institute after college. I found this work very enjoyable and decided to further my education by applying for the Dairygold graduate programme and studying to become a qualified certified public accountant.

I chose CPA Ireland for my training because it tied in well with my previous studies. Some of the subjects I had previously studied at college were based on CPA exams, so it gave me a good foundation of what to expect. When I started the graduate programme with Dairygold, I had six exemptions from CPA. There are a number of people within Dairygold with a CPA qualification who supported and influenced me in making my decision.

Within Dairygold, my routine varies, which is a challenge that I enjoy. My day can include anything from raising requisitions and purchase orders, to attending budget meetings and compiling accounts for board reports. Within Dairygold, there are always a number of projects ongoing. The Dairygold culture encourages graduates to participate and lead some significant projects.

Over the next five year there will be major expansion within Dairygold with the abolishing of the quotas and this will bring about further opportunities for graduates. As part of being a Dairygold Finance Graduate there are a number of rotations which allow me to gain a variety of experience in a highly indigenous recognised company.