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"I have worked on a multitude of different projects in my time here using many different languages such as Java, Javascript, HTML and CSS, working on both user interfaces and core backend services of a huge enterprise system. Since joining I have had many opportunities for training and for improving my skills as a Software Developer while also receiving endless support from my peers. I feel like I am constantly improving and finding new challenges to overcome each day.

What I like the most about Ericsson was how quickly I was able to contribute to different projects upon joining the company. When you join a Senior Engineer will be assigned to you as your mentor and he or she will help you get up to speed as soon as possible. With the help of my mentor I was able to hit the ground running, developing a great feeling of accomplishment as I was adding to and improving such a large software system just a few short weeks into my career.

In my opinion Ericsson offers a great opportunity to start your career in Software Development."