Graduate Jobs / Graduate Profiles

I’ve been working at Ericsson now for almost 4 years, starting off my career as a Trainee Engineer. Initially I joined a design team where I was developing and testing new applications. One year later, I was promoted to the role of Engineer. Because I found the test aspect very interesting, I became the tester for the team, soon leading me to become the overall test lead for a main requirement which span across multiple teams located in Ireland, San Jose and Genoa.

Thereafter, I took on the role of Scrum Master leading a team of eight Engineers. I found this role very interesting as I was in daily communication with teams in Italy and India. Earlier this year I was promoted to Senior Engineer which I’m delighted about. I’m currently still working as Scrum Master and being Senior Engineer has opened a world of opportunities for me. I would highly recommend Ericsson as a place to work. Teams are always welcoming and supportive of new graduates and the management team always support you in progressing your career.