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“I’ve worked at Ericsson for around five years. What keeps me here? I think it’s the opportunities it presents, more than anything else. This is a global ICT company that embraces new technologies to support different customer operations. There’s a clear understanding that, in our industry, standing still means falling behind. So innovation and creativity is constantly encouraged.

Cloud is the perfect example. We’re doing so much now that is beyond the scope of traditional telecommunications and Ericsson is adventurous enough to step into those areas.

I’ve enjoyed so many opportunities at Ericsson and if I had one piece of advice it would be ‘don’t underestimate Ericsson’s potential’. The scope here is limitless. I’ve travelled all over the world and there has always been room for career development. I’ve worked in training and project implementation roles, worked consultatively and all across different technologies (RAN/LTE, Security and Cloud & IP). What’s really stood out for me is how I’ve developed my business and soft skills while still growing my technical competence.”