I first joined SIG in June of 2012 when I completed the Assistant Trader (AT) Internship Programme. I was drawn to SIG as I’ve always been quantitatively inclined and also attracted to the competitive nature of trading. As an intern, I worked on the Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) desk and enjoyed great exposure to what life as a trader at SIG is like.

After completing my final year of Economics and Finance at UCD, I returned to SIG full time on the Assistant Trader (AT) Programme. I joined the Equity Options desk and almost immediately gained exposure to trading a real-life strategy under the tutelage of an experienced trader. SIG invests a huge amount of time and resources into the training and education of the ATs throughout the programme. This involves participating in ‘mock’ trading sessions twice a week, where you price and trade options on a simulated stock. ATs also attend game theory classes as part of their formal training, all of which are designed to teach you how think rationally about risk and expected value.

I graduated from the AT Programme in June 2015 after successfully completing the Trader class in our U.S. headquarters outside of Philadelphia. The class is an intensive 10-week course which you take with your U.S peers. Attending Trader class is a great experience where you attend lectures in Options Theory, learn how to trade Options in a simulated mock trading environment, and attend game theory classes. I returned to our Index Options desk in Dublin where I now trade Options on some of the major European indices. What I really enjoy about life as a trader is the exciting, fast-paced, competitive environment. You are constantly faced with new and difficult problems to solve and it’s fun discussing how best to approach these problems with like-minded colleagues.