My introduction to SIG was through the Maths Society at UCD. My friends who studied maths were excited by the idea of working at SIG in the areas of Trading and Quantitative Research. My area was Computer Science, and I was delighted to discover that SIG has an equally strong software development focus so I applied for the Technology Associate (TA) Programme.

During the interview process for the TA Programme, the people I met were friendly, collaborative and enthusiastic. When I started to work at SIG, I saw that these attributes are pervasive and infectious, which creates a welcoming atmosphere and makes it easy to work with people on different teams.

The TA Programme involved classroom sessions, technical rotations, and working with experienced engineers on the development and delivery of our projects. I received great support from the TAs from previous years who shared their knowledge and were at hand to assist me with my development tasks. The TA Programme included a visit to our global head office outside of Philadelphia, where I met inspiring people and worked on challenging projects.

On my return, I began working with my team on a trading platform which is used by traders every day. I’ve been exposed to cutting-edge technologies and processes. The tasks I’ve undertaken have been in new areas, so I’m always learning. Overall, my experience here at SIG has been very exciting, educational, and rewarding.