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I joined SIG’s Assistant Trader (AT) Internship Programme in my second year of studying Theoretical Physics. The programme appealed to me because of the emphasis SIG places on game theory and probability.

The application process consisted of a telephone interview and two office interviews, with a mixture of general competency and challenging mathematical questions. The mathematical questions tested my ability in game theory, probability, and general logic.

The AT Internship Programme consists of a quantitative project, attending classes, and participating in ‘mock’ trading. Throughout the programme, I worked on my project under the supervision of an experienced Trader, gaining practical experience whilst improving my knowledge of coding and financial concepts. I also attended classes that provided an introduction to financial markets, trading, game theory, and probability. As part of the programme, I participated in ‘mock’ trading class, an education tool used to teach us how to trade and price financial securities in a market environment. Here I gained a great insight into the techniques traders use to price financial instruments on a day-to-day basis. Participating in weekly game theory classes helped me to improve my decision-making and game theory skills in an engaging environment.

SIG’s AT Internship Programme gave me a great insight into the world of trading, and I would highly recommend it to anybody looking to explore careers in finance with an emphasis on game theory and probability.