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I first joined SIG as an Intern in 2014. From the very first day of my internship I was given a development task to perform. Not once in the course of my seven months at SIG did I feel bored or superfluous; there was always something for me to work on. During my internship, I developed my problem solving and software development skills at a much faster rate than in college. I also gained some knowledge of finance and trading which at the time was a relatively new subject to me.

Everyone I met was very friendly and willing to help when needed. My mentor proved invaluable for any assistance I required and provided advice on how to approach problems and find solutions. My time at SIG prepared me well for my final year at college, especially the final year project.

I have since rejoined SIG on the Technology Associate (TA) Programme and I am looking forward to the mix of challenges and opportunities that SIG offers its employees. I am particularly looking forward to developing my skills further and acquiring a broader knowledge of the financial industry. Overall, I feel SIG is a great place to work, whether you are a graduate, or an experienced professional.