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Marcus Tadros

Job title: 
Corporate Department

I graduated from Trinity College Dublin in 2012 having studied law for four years. Spending the next year working in Gibraltar and the Middle East in a variety of legal positions, I gained unique international experience which helped differentiate me in the application and interview process, and gave me great perspective going forward. Upon my return to Ireland in 2013, I sat the FE1s and began PPC I in September 2014.

I undertook my first rotation post PPC I in the Corporate department of the firm. From day one, I was engaged in high profile and exciting transactions. I immediately felt part of the team and my contribution was recognised from the outset. Three months later, under the guidance and teaching of partners, solicitors and fellow trainees, as well as through the regular training courses given by the firm, the experience and knowledge I have gained is invaluable.

To date, I have been involved in numerous M&A transactions across a wide range of industries. Typical tasks of a trainee involved in such extend to drafting of minutes and resolutions amongst other documents, attending meetings with clients and liaising with colleagues from other departments, whose input and advice is critical to each deal. While these transactions demand hard work and occasional long hours, it is extremely rewarding when you see the effort of your team acknowledged in business papers both domestically and internationally.

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is encouraged and an abundance of social events are held on a regular basis. The Christmas Party and Summer Barbeque are just a few of the many highly anticipated events on the social calendar. There are also a number of trainee specific events organised by the Trainee Committee, the pinnacle of this being the annual trainee trip. Now a Committee member, I have the opportunity to contribute to their planning and organisation.

Ultimately, the approachable and supportive environment at William Fry allows you to develop and progress, both professionally and personally, throughout your time as a trainee.