Aldi Stores (Ireland) Limited

Barry joined Aldi in July 2014 as a Graduate Area Manager. After completing a degree in Marketing, Innovation and Technology at DCU, Barry decided to apply for the Graduate Programme. Barry comments: “As part of my degree I studied various elements of management which helps every day in my role as an Area Manager”.

“It was the skills that I learned over the four years studying that have really contributed to my training as an Area Manager. Time management is crucial. You have a vast amount of jobs to complete and so it is a necessity that you’re able to prioritise your work. Communication skills have really helped me too. As a leader of people you need to always communicate with your team effectively and ensure everyone knows what goals they are working towards’’.

Outside of work, Barry is heavily involved in athletics. “I’ve been able to keep up with my training (Barry regularly competes in the javelin event up to National level). It gives you a break, a chance to clear your head and catch up with friends. And it means I’m fresh to throw myself into the challenges of the next day”.

Aldi provides a comprehensive training programme for all Area Managers. Barry mentions how he found working in all roles in the store, from Stock Assistant to Store Manager, to be most beneficial. “It’s a great thing to really know what your staff do and how they contribute to the success of the company. At the end of your training, you have a great in-depth understanding of all the roles within the business which enables you to manage your stores and staff to the highest standard”.


Job title: 
Area Manager
Barry, Marketing, Innovation and Technology, DCU