My Role

I joined BearingPoint as a Technology Analyst in the Information Management team and have had the opportunity to work on several diverse projects since then. In my first year, I helped implement a prototype reporting dashboard, refactor a data analytics system, develop an automated testing system and deliver an end-to-end regulatory reporting solution. I’ve learned several new technologies, developed my skills and expanded my knowledge in areas I previously knew little about. I also had the opportunity to be a part of BearingPoint’s New Horizons initiative, a programme that allows staff to to be seconded to a BearingPoint office in a different country and live and work there for 6-12 months.

Through this initiative, I was placed on a secondment to Frankfurt where I worked with the maintenance and development team for the ABACUS Solvency II system. It was a fantastic opportunity to develop new skills and meet new people. Even though I arrived without a word of German, everyone was extremely welcoming and I quickly felt like a valued member of the team. I spent six months in Frankfurt and really enjoyed my time there. I even managed to pick up ‘ein bisschen Deutsch’.

Normal day

It’s hard to define a typical day with BearingPoint because it can change a lot depending on your current project. Working with the team in Frankfurt, a regular day involved developing and testing new functionality for the next release or developing and improving our existing testing processes. We also supported clients using the ABACUS system and helped them with any issues they were having. Communication between team members was very important in all aspects of this project. We had regular meetings to share our progress and ensure everyone knew what their role and deliverables were as the project developed.

My current project involves implementing the ABACUS Solvency II solution for a major insurance sector client in London. Each day brings fresh tasks and challenges and include a wide range of roles from data analysis and mapping, to system configuration and administration, to client training. It also provides a great opportunity to work closely with the client team.

Outside the office

Outside of work, I enjoy reading, watching movies and travelling. When I was based in Germany, most of my time was spent exploring in and around Frankfurt, enjoying the (mostly) beautiful weather and getting to know the city better. It was also a great base for travelling, allowing me to make trips to Berlin, Hamburg and Amsterdam as well as back home to Ireland. Thanks to my current project in London, I’ve now got another fantastic city to explore too!

Why BearingPoint

One of the things I really like about working for BearingPoint is the focus on personal development. Management are interested not only in what you are working on now, but also where you want to be in five years’ time. Every staff member is assigned a personal performance manager to guide you and help you develop your career. In my short time with the company, I’ve worked on multiple projects in different countries and there are always new opportunities to take advantage of.

Another great aspect of BearingPoint is the open and friendly attitude shown at all levels. There are regular social events to unwind and get to know your co-workers and the senior members make the effort to know who you are and how you’re getting on. It feels good to work for a company that values your contributions and is willing to invest in your future.