My Role

After a year as a teaching assistant and lecturer in DCU, I began the search for a new job. I was extremely selective and was determined to find not only a role that complimented my Master's degree but that also offered me variety, challenge and continuous learning. I didn't want to join an organisation to get lost in the crowd and be just another new hire or number. BearingPoint has offered me all of the above and plenty more.

I joined BearingPoint in October 2013 and in my first eight months I have had the opportunity to work on three projects, fulfilling completely different roles and exploring different streams of management consultancy. My first role was as a business analyst on a telecommunications project, after which I moved to a project management role and I am currently preparing to start a change management project with a financial institution. As you can see, BearingPoint has successfully fulfilled my criteria of offering me variety and continuous learning opportunities!

In my current role as PMO, my responsibilities include; project governance, budget control and monitoring, resource planning, financial management, project risk and tracking issues and dependencies. My next role will consist of software implementation and application of 'active operations management'.

Normal day

Currently, my days are busy with plenty to do and catch up on! I have recently returned from BE school in Berlin, Germany. This was a week-long event where all analysts and consultants from BearingPointEurope came together to complete consulting courses. An extremely memorable experience!

Projects tend to have multiple dimensions and phases over their life cycle. Business analysts tend to be involved in the majority of these. Personally, I thoroughly enjoy this as it means I am exposed to frequent learning opportunities and I am continuously progressing along my learning curve. It also gives me the opportunity to determine areas of interest that I may want to pursue a career in or even become a subject matter expert in.

Outside the office

Outside of BearingPoint, I enjoy going to the gym, catching up with friends and helping out in the family business. I am not yet a member of the BearingPoint Sports and Social Club but I strongly recommend it to all new joiners as it gives you the opportunity to network, catch up and regroup with colleagues working on different projects.

Why BearingPoint

You're not just another number: as initially mentioned, I was extremely selective when applying for jobs, one of my key concerns was not being just another number or new hire in the crowd. I can recall in my initial weeks partners greeting me around the office by my first name. That immediate recognition, as a new hire, is very heart-warming and pleasing.

Career development: I am an extremely goal focused individual, who likes to have a destination in mind and work towards it. I am very career driven and strive to be the best at what I do. Everyone in BearingPoint is assigned a performance manager, who assists with setting goals and shaping career plans. I particularly like the fact that BearingPoint is not only interested in the growth of the organisation but also the professional growth of its employees. The company as a whole has an extremely supportive and encouraging environment.